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chemical peel

Chemical Peels | What to Expect

I’ve done chemical peels on myself as well as had them done professionally.  I’ve recently been having them done to repair my skin from previous acne issues. It has taken my skin nearly a year to adjust to the weather and water here in Guam. I get lots of questions about chemical peels especially when someone sees me during the […]

Feiyan makeup brushes

Feiyan Makeup Brushes | BEST Inexpensive Makeup Brushes on Amazon

Since I live in Guam the struggle to purchase makeup brushes have been extra real! Lots of companies either don’t ship here or it takes so long to arrive that there’s no point in even ordering. I’ve been looking on Amazon and thankfully I found the perfect brushes to add to my makeup kit. I had to share this find […]

Low Carb Burger Recipe

Delicious Low Carb Burger Recipe | Vegetarian Version Included

I try to stay healthy, no matter what the season. It’s not so much about physical looks as it is mental and overall wellness for me. When I eat healthy and exercise I just feel much better. I get more accomplished, and I have much more energy to do things I enjoy doing. In order to stay on track, I […]



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