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Feiyan makeup brushes

Since I live in Guam the struggle to purchase makeup brushes have been extra real! Lots of companies either don’t ship here or it takes so long to arrive that there’s no point in even ordering. I’ve been looking on Amazon and thankfully I found the perfect brushes to add to my makeup kit. I had to share this find with you because #1 they are affordable and #2 the quality is great for the price. 

Below will be a video where I go through each brush and what I use it for. Be sure to check that out.

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Feiyan purchase details

As I mentioned above I purchased the brushes from Amazon. Oh…I bet you want to know the name lol! I purchased 2 brush sets by the company Feiyan. Each brush set has a good mix of natural goat hair and synthetic brushes. Shipping wasn’t bad at all, from the time I ordered to the time it arrived was less than 2 weeks. Closer to a week actually. Prime shipping is offered but not to Guam.

Travel Set

The first set I purchased came with 15 brushes and a black travel bag. The travel bag has pink lining inside with a small zippered pocket. The handles are not quite full size which makes them nice for a kit or traveling. Each brush has the name Feiyan pressed into it. I noticed after a few uses the name started to rub off. I clean and use my brushes almost daily. Maybe with less use, the name would last longer but I find that happens with lots of brushes. The larger brushes have brush guards on them and all the brushes come individually wrapped. This set was under $15 on Amazon you can check it out here: https://amzn.to/3ejdMbM

feiyan travel brushes
Photo is of brushes after have been used and washed.

Gold Set

The second brush set all have full-size handles. This set has more natural hair face brushes, the travel set has more synthetic ones. There are 11 brushes and a black notebook case. The case is very sturdy and has a leather feel to it. Each brush was wrapped individually just as the travel set. I purchased it for under $20 on Amazon. You can check it out here: https://amzn.to/2XF4Re3

Feiyan amazon brushes
Photo is of brushes after have been used and washed.

Brush comparison

I would compare these brushes to MAC or a softer version of Morphe. All of these brushes are not scratchy. They are consistently soft and apply products very well. The larger natural hair brushes are very close in softness to some of my high-end brushes.

Noted claims from Feiyan

  • Made of quality natural hair and synthetic fiber.
  • Super soft, with no hair shedding.
  • Handles are made of high-end performance alloy, wood material, and soft synthetic.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.


I really like these brushes! I think they are wonderful quality for the price. Even taking price out of the equation they are just great brushes. The natural hair brushes are my favorites. When I took them out of the package and used them for the first time I shed one small year of joy. These brushes wash and dry well and I haven’t experienced any shedding or loosening of the brush handle.

Let’s talk about the cons…

There are some but not many. The packaging has a strong smell when you first open it. It goes away after time though. The brushes themselves have a slight smell but it goes away after washing them. The brushes are not numbered but are labeled with the company name. Having numbers on a brush helps to identify the brush a bit more, especially when following along with a tutorial or class. Other than that the brushes are great.

After using and washing the brushes a bit more some (2 brushes out of the 6 sets purchased) brushes from the gold set came apart. It was an easy fix with adding a little glue to the handle. The brush hairs are still nice and soft without shedding. Even with this issue I don’t regret purchasing these but this is important to note.

What are your favorite inexpensive brushes? Do you look to Amazon for everything like I do?

Thanks for hanging out.
XO Terreana

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