How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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Clean Makeup Brushes are an essential part of makeup application. Whether professional or personal use, whatever you use to apply your makeup should always be clean. Keeping your supplies clean helps with smooth application. Having a dirty brush while trying to blend shadows can cause a muddy end result. If you suffer from skin issues sanitation is especially important. Makeup sponges should be cleaned after each use. There really is no reason to leave makeup sitting inside the sponge. You will be using the sponge wet in most cases anyway so you might as well clean it while at the sink. If you have multiple sponges then this might not be the case for you. I personally don’t like to let my sponges sit with makeup in them.

Let me show you how I clean my Makeup Brushes.


Makeup Brushes (Makeup Sponges)
Brush Cleaning Mat
Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Bar Soap
Soap Dish (or Bowl)
2 Towels
Aloe Gel (optional)

Take your materials to a sink. It is easier to clean your brushes near a sink so you can rinse your brushes easily.


1. Take one of the towels and place it flat. Then take your bowl and place the brush cleaning mat and put it at the bottom. Fill your bowl with water and set it on top of the towel.

Brush Setup

2. Grab the second towel, fold it in half and roll up both ends leaving a little space in the middle. Set aside. This will be used to dry your brushes on. This method is a great way to keep the water flowing out of your brushes after cleaning. This also helps protect the adhesive that keeps your brushes intact.

Brush water

3. Take your first brush and dip it in the water bowl, making sure to not go past the bristles. Swirl the wet brush in the soap.

Brush Soap

4. Swirl the brush on the brush cleaning mat. Go back and forth between the soap and the cleansing mat, until it looks clean. (Empty the water bowl when the water starts to get dirty.)

Brush Wash

5. Rinse the brush thoroughly and wipe off the brush on the towel that is under the bowl. Once finished place your brush on the rolled towel to dry. Make sure you place your brush with the bristles facing down, on an angle.

Clean Brushes

6. Optional*** Once your brush is clean add a little aloe gel to the bristles to reshape them and keep them soft. The gel will dry and create a cast. When you break the cast your brush will be like new.

Drying Brushes

You can clean multiple brushes at once. Grab multiple brushes in your hands and follow the same steps. It is easier to do brushes with similar shapes so they wash about the same. Makeup sponges can be cleaned with the same method just skip the step with the bowl and brush mat. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water.

Brush Row

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