Rabbit Shaped Sticky Bra Review

rabbit sticky bra

Sticky bras have been in socials a lot more lately. The rabbit-shaped bra, in particular, has been making its rounds the most in my opinion. When I see the ads I always wonder if it would work for “all” sizes. I have a fuller chest so I was super skeptical. I’m also all-naturale baby…swing low sweet chariots (in my Creed Bratton voice). So I needed to try this out and share my thoughts with you.

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Ordering and packaging

I ordered a set of two, one beige/nude and the other black. Mind you the “nude” is not my nude. The color is much lighter than my skin tone. I ordered them… so I wasn’t shocked by the color lol. I got both sets for around $13 on Amazon, they were included in Prime so they were eligible for free shipping with the purchase of $25 or more. 

Here’s the link of where I purchased, price may vary depending on the sellers current listing: https://amzn.to/2A3GMoT

The packaging on the ones I ordered was extremely underwhelming. They were packaged in a thin plastic bag and each sticky side had a flimsy thin film of plastic covering it. After the first use, I tore the plastic which basically rendered it useless. I ended up sticking the two together to preserve them.

Does the bra work though?!

The first time I applied them they were very easy to apply. I lifted up each breast and placed them where I felt would be most inconspicuous for my outfit. The center portion of the bra is not sticky which is where your nipple should be placed. Each was applied to dry, clean skin. I was very surprised by the lift and how secure they felt once applied. I wore them under a fairly thin sleeveless dress and I had no issues with them showing through. For the sake of testing the wear, I wore them all day and ended up sleeping in them. Kinda weird having my boobs suspended by two rabbit-shaped stickies but hey I’m cool with taking one for the team. The instructions did say not to wear them for more than 8 hours…soooo…. there’s that! I will insert the instructions below.

The next day when I got up in the morning they were still there firmly in place. When I removed them I had no odd residue and it was not difficult to get them off my skin.

Final thoughts

I will definitely be using these again and I do recommend them. After using them for a few days straight I noticed that the stickiness isn’t as tacky if they are not cleaned. Wiping the sticky side with a little water using your clean hands then allowing it to dry works really well.

Finding the right size is important. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and reviews when picking your size so you can have adequate support.

When I was out and about I didn’t have any issues with them slipping but I don’t think they will hold up well if you sweat a lot. I also would not recommend using these in swimwear as they are not effective on wet skin.

I really hope you find this helpful. Have you found any effective strapless bra options?

Thanks for hanging out.
XO Terreana

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