Affordable AMAZON Wig | FEELGRACE Wig Review Plus STYLING

I recently purchased a 12 inch red ombré wig from Amazon. I know…I know….first let’s just talk about it.

I virtually stopped posting blogs on my site. I took a break because I wanted to get the content started on my YouTube channel. There was a learning curve 😂. I feel like I finally got my groove with how I make videos…then COVID. Pre-COVID I spent a good amount of time with taking makeup clients. Now I spend that time homeschooling. So my life is definitely a bit different like everyone else’s right now. I’m not sure what life will be like since doing makeup requires lots of time touching faces…which I hear is the main thing we are not supposed to be doing during all of this 😆. I joke but these are very uncertain times and there are many people suffering. My heart truly goes out to everyone as we all try to do our best with the cards we have been dealt.

Sooo the Amazon wig…

I recently received a red ombré wig in the mail that I ordered from Amazon. It’s made by the company Feelgrace.

I added an affiliated direct link to the wig if you are interested. Just click on the photo below. (not sure if it is still in stock):

It is human hair, has a 4×4 closure, and is ”12 inches” long. I had to put 12 inches in quotations because it’s definitely not…no where near…12 inches. (“That’s as clear as I can make it”) Let me share with you my first impressions. I will update this article after a few months of wearing this unit.

Wig Pros

The hair is very soft and doesn’t have much shedding. No odd smell at all. The color is pretty nice the ombre is blended ok but there are a few grey hairs.

This is an affordable wig. So far I think the price is reasonable for the product I received. It was under $60 with shipping.

They ship to Guam!

The customer service was great. They reached out several times to make sure I was pleased with the wig. I have not reached out to them about the cons of the unit. Once I do I will update here with the response.

Lastly, think it is a fairly good wig for a beginner. The cap construction allows the unit to be placed on the head with ease and minimal effort.

Wig Cons

This unit has the oddest haircut I’ve ever seen! I ordered a 12 inch wig but it is not 12 inches all around. It had weird layers that look super amateur. I will definitely be updating the cut before I wear it. For a beginner it’s fine but since I’m very particular about hair the cut is a no for me.

There are quite a bit of short flyaways throughout the wig. A little hair spray helps with that so it’s not too big of a deal but worth the mention.

The cap construction is not very versatile but it’s great to just quickly throw on. The wig comes with a stationary middle part.

Lastly, the wig is pretty thin. I’m ok with the thickness for a short cut. It states that the wig is 150% density.

Final thoughts

The wig was shipped in a basic packaging bag. The wig itself was inside a clear bag with black netting. Nothing too fancy there nor would I expect it for the price. They also included a weaving cap. So far I’m happy with it. The hair holds a curl all-day with no product. I’ll make sure to update if that changes. It is low luster but still has a healthy shine. The closure was nice and matched my skin well. I didn’t use anything to make the part look more natural.

Here a video showing how I customized the wig.

Check in

After wearing this wig for a few months…and also hiking with it lol…it is in good condition. I haven’t experienced any excessive shedding or matting. I’m still enjoying this wig. Below I have posted a video wear I’m hiking in it. This is the only time where the wig made me super hot! During normal life activities it is fine.

This wig washes very well and I had no issues bleaching the knots.

Thanks for hanging out today!
XO Terreana

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