California and Cosmetology

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Well…Hello!!! I’m so happy you are reading this. The first blog post! Let’s chat about California and Cosmetology. I am from the sunny state of California. The beaches are beautiful in California. california girlThe food is really great, as well. (California burritos though! I don’t care if the guac is extra!) Cali has so many things to do. You really can never get bored. Oh…and the weather…yeah the weather is pretty much (always) nice. I’ve done some traveling in the US and Europe. I have plans to travel more. I’ll be posting about future travel plans and trips in a later post.  It is nice experiencing life outside your own. Traveling is a great way to gain perspective. Trying out different food is my favorite part of traveling. Now the airline part….not so much. Life passes by quickly, it is important to live life to the fullest while you are blessed with a new day.

Moving towards passion

Hair and makeup is a passion of mine. I’ve been doing cosmetology work since I was a young girl.  Hairstyling was a hobby at first. cosmetology updoI worked as a face and body artist for parties and different events also. (My intro into applying makeup lol) I went to cosmetology school and became licensed once I realized the possibilities of the industry. Something about helping people feel confident and beautiful really resonated with me. You can go as far as you want in the cosmetology industry. It takes dedication and the willingness to stay educated. The cosmetology industry is ever changing but it is important to master the basics on whatever your focus is.

Cosmetology school

Attending cosmetology school was eye-opening. I enrolled in the basic cosmetology program (hair, makeup, and nails). Later I auditioned for the Master Stylist program and was accepted.  cosmetologyThe school I attended had a booming esthetics program with lots of clients.  I had the opportunity to enroll in the esthetics program when they opened enrollment to cosmetology students. The Esthetics department needed help with the client load. I made the most out of cosmetology school.  Working with clients was amazing. Every day I was able to connect with new people. I couldn’t wait to get my cosmetology license.  There was so much I had learned that I wanted to share.

Love for people

Helping people feel amazing about themselves is important. I still feel that way after being licensed for over 8 years. allows me to expand my reach on helping others. I named the site because it is a piece of me. When visiting I want you to feel we are just hanging out. We can do our makeup together. You can learn my tips on how to achieve certain looks. Take inspiration from my looks and create your own. If you are more interested in natural makeup,  learn how to refine your brows or treat yourself to some homemade spa treatments with me. Since I love food so darn much, but I don’t like being in the kitchen for 25 years…I’ll share some quick recipes that I love. This is just a few things that this site will offer.

Thanks for hanging out

I have wanted to do this for some time now. Everything happens in seasons. My season is here. Lol! My goal is to create fun, uplifting, and informative content. I have lots of things in store. There is a Questions Tab and Contact section so you can request specific things you would like information about. I have a YouTube Channel also, for those of you who enjoy watching videos…I got you! Check out my videos. My channel is lit lol!

It was nice hanging out with you today.
XO Terreana

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