Clean Brushes Under 5 mins with Micellar Water (video included)

micellar water brush cleaner

As you may know from my previous brush cleaning post. Clean brushes are life! For my own personal brush set and more importantly my professional set have to be clean! I do regular deep cleanings on my brushes but sometimes you need to do a quick spot clean in between time for your favorites. Not everyone has a large collection of brushes so the need to clean them more is often necessary. Today I will discuss a hack that I wish I knew about years ago!


What’s the stuff?

I was recently told how good Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water is for taking off makeup. As a user of Bioderma I had to check this less expensive version out. Short story short lol….it works great. I’ve been using a cleansing oil recently so I have not been using the Micellar Water as often. It  has just been sitting on my vanity while I looked at my dirty brushes,  so I decided, what the heck let me see if this would work to clean them.
It did!


I have never heard of this method of cleaning brushes. It is a big world so I’m sure there are others that have tried this though. Upon looking futher Garnier has a post about this sooo…there’s that. Glad my eyes are open lol!
I took a glass cup and squeezed some of the water into the glass…just enough to cover the bristles of my brushes. I filed my brushes in and wiped them back and forth on a towel and laid them down to dry. That was it! It works for all type of brushes…#winning!
I will still do regular deep cleanings because nothing beats a good classic cleaning. This is a method I will be doing for quick spot cleaning. The brushes dry quickly and stay really soft. If you missed my previous post  on deep cleaning you really should check it out here. It makes deep cleaning a breeze. Thank me later 😉
This works so great to clean brushes I just had to share! Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.
Thanks for hanging out!
XO Terreana

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