DIY Moisturizing Cinnamon Clove Body Oil Scrub

cinnamon clove scrub DIY

It’s that time of the year in most of the country that skin starts to get a bit drier due to lower temperatures. Body scrubs are so great to keep the skin soft and moisturized. They help exfoliate the skin so products penetrate a bit more and don’t just sit on top. I was recently unpacking…yesss…I know I’ve been in Guam a year lol!

Anyway… don’t judge me. I was going through some boxes and found an unopened body scrub. This got me thinking I should try to recreate this.

Body scrubs can easily be made at home. Today I’m going to give you a festive fall scrub that will have your skin feeling like butter. This recipe is super easy. It is perfect for gifts or to make with your little ones. Let’s get started.


Jar with lid
Jar decorations (optional)
Castor and Safflower oil
Raw sugar
Cinnamon and Clove Essential oil (thieves works great also)

cinnamon clove scrub ingredients


  1. Grab your jar and fill it about 1/4 way with the castor oil. Then fill the jar about 1/2 way full with the safflower oil. (Don’t worry too much about exact measurements.)
  2. Add about 3 drops of cinnamon and 1 drop of clove essential oil to start with. I use a 3:1 ratio of cinnamon to clove because I want the cinnamon to shine through more. Depending on how large your jar is, adjust the amount of essential oil to your liking. (If using thieves oil just start with 4 drops)
  3. Now fill the rest of your jar with raw sugar leaving a little room at the top to stir.
  4. Stir up your mixture and add more essential oil if the mixture isn’t fragrant enough.
  5. Top off the jar with safflower oil.
  6. (Optional) Decorate your jar with your favorite fall decor. I chose string and some artificial leaves and put a cinnamon stick on the side. The stick can also be used to help scoop out the scrub.

Cinnamon clove scrub use

I recommend this scrub for the body only. I wouldn’t use this on the face as raw sugar tends to be a bit too abrasive.
After cleansing in the shower, gently scrub the body, and rinse thoroughly. Be careful in the shower as the oil will make things slippery. Don’t want you slipping and sliding around in there!

Once your body is rinsed, lightly towel dry your skin and apply your favorite lotion or body butter on top. Enjoy the softest skin ever!

I leave this scrub sitting in my shower with no issue. As with any DIY if you are allergic or think you may be allergic to any ingredients try a patch test first and discontinue use if you experience irritation.

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Thanks for hanging out!
XO Terreana

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