Warm Eyeshadow Look with a Metallic Pop

eyeshadow juvias final

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes is by Juvia’s Place. Juvia’s palettes look great on every skin tone due to the rich pigmentation. The eyeshadow palettes are really affordable for the quality you get.

I wanted to try some different colors today. I decided to do a warm base with a pop of metallic. Let’s play in makeup together 🙂

eyeshadow palette



Eyeshadows (The Magic by Juvia’s Palette)
Eyeshadow Brushes
False Lashes w/Lash Glue (optional)
Eyeliner Pencil
Liquid Eyeliner (Black and Glitter)
Water or MAC Fix+
Makeup Wipes

Here are the eyeshadow brushes that we will be using. Feel free to use what you have. I inserted a photo of the brushes to make it easier to follow.

eyeshadow brushes

Eyeshadow Brushes

1. Large Fluffy Blending Brush
2. Tapered Blending Brush
3. Small Blending Brush
4. Flat Synthetic Brush
5. Medium Blending Brush
6. Tiny Lower Lash Line Blending Brush

Follow along with me

Here is the top portion of The Magic Palette numbered to make it easier to follow. If you do not have this palette just use the shadows you have.

eyeshadow numbers

Let’s begin

I start out with my brows done and my eyelids prepped (concealer set with powder). I do my foundation last because the eyeshadows are highly pigmented. Once the eyeshadows on the lid are complete I do my foundation, refine my brows again, then move on to completing the look on the lower lash line.

eyeshadow transition

1. Grab brush #1 (Large Fluffy Blending Brush). Apply color #1 (Nana). It will serve as a transition in the crease. Blend the shadow in small circles or windshield wiper motions until it is blended well.

eyeshadow kogi

2. Grab brush #2 (Tapered Blending Brush). Apply color #2 (Zakiya) a little below the crease and on both sides of the lid, leaving the middle of the lid bare. Add color #3 (Kogi) over the top of color #2 (Zakiya), with the same tapered brushBlend well.

eyeshadow blended kogi

3. Now take your concealer and place a small amount on the middle of your lid and softly blend out the edges. You can apply the concealer with your clean finger if your concealer does not come with an applicator.

eyeshadow center prep

Time for a pop of metallic

4. Take brush #4 (Flat Synthetic Brush) and dampen it with water or Fix+, apply shadow #4 (Vai) to the center of the lid on top of the concealer. Apply the color with soft tapping motions to intensify.

eyeshadow metal center

5. Blend out the edges with brush #3 (Small Blending Brush). Go back into color #3 (Kogi) to help blend out the edges. Keep blending until the colors mix nicely. Use brush #5 (Medium Blending Brush) and go back and blend any areas that may need to be blended more.

eyeshadow metal blend

6. Clean up any eyeshadow fallout with a makeup wipe. Apply Liquid Eyeliner(s), Mascara to the top lashes, and False Lashes (if you like). Do your foundation routine and the rest of your makeup.

eyeshadow juvias3

7. Once you are done, go back to the eyes and line your upper and lower waterline with eyeliner.

eyeshadow juvias2

8. Smudge out the eyeliner with eyeshadow #4 (Vai) with brush #6 (Tiny Lower Lash Line Blending Brush). Then blend color #2 (Zakiya) and #3 (Kogi) slightly under color #4 (Vai). Lastly, add mascara to your bottom lash line.

Take a look at how boss you look 😉

If this if your first time with makeup I hope you learned something. Whether you are a makeup pro or somewhere in-between, I appreciate you following along.

It is just makeup, have fun with it! It washes off at the end of the day.

eyshadow juvias

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for hanging out today!

XO Terreana

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