Perfect Red Ombre Lips

ombre lip front

Ombre Lips are an easy way to step out of your comfort zone with color.  They are not going anywhere anytime soon. You can do subtle to more dramatic Ombre Lips. It is all preference. This is one way I like to do them. Let’s play in makeup!     Materials Lip Gloss or Balm 2 Matte Lipsticks of choice […]

Red Velvet Body Scrub-DIY

red velvet body scrub

Red Velvet and Body Scrub…a perfect combination. I love Red Velvet cupcakes! They are one of my favorite desserts. I’m not a big cake person but something about Red Velvet cupcakes just calls to me. With that in mind I was thinking how I can transform my favorite dessert into a treat for my skin. Red Velvet Body Scrub is […]

California and Cosmetology

cali girl3

Well…Hello!!! I’m so happy you are reading this. The first blog post! Let’s chat about California and Cosmetology. I am from the sunny state of California. The beaches are beautiful in California. The food is really great, as well. (California burritos though! I don’t care if the guac is extra!) Cali has so many things to do. You really can […]