Spa Gloves Dry Hand Care | DIY

diy spa gloves

Materials Needed: Soft Fabric or Clothes (you wish to upcycle)Fabric PinsMarker or PencilScissorsSewing Machine (or needle and thread to hand sew)****You can use fabric glue but not recommendedFabric tape (optional) SPA GLOVES DIY 1. Grab whatever soft fabric you have and place it inside out. If you are using two separate pieces of fabric make sure the piece on the […]

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

front makeup brushes

Clean Makeup Brushes are an essential part of makeup application. Whether professional or personal use, whatever you use to apply your makeup should always be clean. Keeping your supplies clean helps with smooth application. Having a dirty brush while trying to blend shadows can cause a muddy end result. If you suffer from skin issues sanitation is especially important. Makeup […]